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Despite growing up in an abusive household, Angie made the most of her talents in her youth. A basketball star known for her beautiful singing voice, she obtained her bachelor's degree and a doctorate in pharmacy. She purchased her own home and had a promising career.


Then she became reacquainted with a boy she knew in high school - Aaron Solomon. After a strange six-week relationship, Angie was pregnant with Grant and felt she had no choice but to marry him. 

Over time, Angie's husband's controlling behavior, abuse, and manipulation became unbearable. Although his violent outbursts were intended to keep her obedient, when her daughter Gracie opened up about the things her husband was doing to her, Angie knew that she had to fight to keep herself and her children safe.

Over the next decade, Angie would go on to battle not only her ex-husband, but a corrupt court system, and a cult-like private school and church with connections to the highest offices in the country.

Through all the pain and trauma she suffered at his hands over the past 19 years, Angie has never given up. She never stopped fighting for her children. 

After Grant tragically died in a suspicious incident with Aaron as the only witness, Angie resolved to do everything in her power to save her remaining child AND GET JUSTICE for all three of them.

"It is my firm belief that Aaron used wealth and personal connections to win favorable decisions to the detriment of Gracie, Grant, and Angie Solomon, leaving them open to harassment, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse and leading to the untimely death of Grant." - Former Guardian Ad Litem

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