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#freedomforgracie in the press.


"My brother died protecting me from my father, Aaron Solomon,” she says. “My father is a monster. It makes me want to vomit. I’ve been minimalized, but now I’ve found my voice to be able to tell you that my father raped me, hurt me, and I’m not going to be a victim of this monster. He is a rapist, he is a molester, he is a liar and he is a killer.”

S. Cavendish - Nashville Scene

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Gracie Solomon, aged just 14, and her mother Angelia Huffines have found themselves in an extremely precarious position — not only, they say, were they abused and betrayed by those they trusted but also robbed of their beloved brother and son Grant.

Saint Dymphna - Medium 

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“My son’s truck backed over him, it’s rolled over him and drug him into the ditch and it’s on top of him. He’s not alert, he’s out and he’s trapped. I got three guys here and he’s trapped under the truck.” - 911 call

S. Ashley - Medium

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Now, a couple of things about that video. First, the pastor gave a very warm welcome to his “buddy” Aaron Solomon — a man whose daughter has publicly accused him of horrific abuse. Then the pastor goes on to teach about something called “imprecatory prayer”...

S. Ashley - Medium

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Some of you might recall how earlier this summer I received a cease and desist letter from a certain church that was unhappy with my coverage of Gracie Solomon’s story...

S. Ashley - Medium

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"Aaron Solomon insists a ‘freak accident’ resulted in his son getting run over by his own car, but his daughter and others disagree.”

Aaron Rasmussen - Investigation Discovery

Grant Solomon Mysterious Death Requires Investigation

Former WSMV Channel 4 News anchor, Merrill Lynch financial advisor and Franklin resident Aaron Solomon is currently at the center of a bevy of accusations, including child abuse and being involved in the death of his then 18-year-old son.

A. Willis - Williamson Home Page 


More than 30 people gathered in downtown Franklin Tuesday to rally in support of Gracie Solomon, a 14-year-old girl who is alleged to have suffered sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her father, former WSMV Channel 4 News anchor Aaron Solomon.

A. Willis - Williamson Home Page


 In light of long-held doubts and newly surfaced evidence, for many their grief has turned into anger. They demand a long-overdue investigation to rule out a shocking but increasingly likely possibility: that Grant’s death was caused by his father, Aaron Solomon.

Saint Dymphna - Medium 

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