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The Truck

The phrase "smoking gun" originally came from the idea that if you found a recently fired gun on the suspect it was unshakeable proof that the person had committed the crime. Angie had been told by the Gallatin Police that since they didn't have the smoking gun and that they couldn't make Aaron give them the truck, there was nothing they could do.  


Aaron refused a forensic exam of the truck he claims malfunctioned and killed his son. He picked it up 48 hours later and drove it away from the tow yard, seemingly unconcerned it would malfunction. He drove it for months afterward.

Although Gracie begged for it, he would not give it to her or Angie. Months later, Aaron mysteriously had the truck totaled and set to be sold at auction. Unbeknownst to him, Angie was able to get the smoking gun just in time. 


The Truck - Fall 2020

This is Grant's truck AFTER the tragic incident as it sat in Aaron's driveway. A VERY close eye was kept on the truck.


One day, it was no longer in his driveway.

At Scrap Yard - Feb 2021

A friend at ran the VIN number and discovered the truck was at a scrap yard in Nashville. Angie was able to secure a broker and got it off the auction block just in time.


Got the Truck

Now that Angie had the truck, she had high hopes the GPD would re-open the case. 

How Did the Truck End Up in the Scrap Yard?

Public records revealed that Aaron took the vehicle to Lincoln Ford who reported damage as "minor" yet somehow he managed to convince an insurance adjuster to total the vehicle.

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After an exhaustive search, the claims adjuster was finally found. (What insurance adjuster does not want to be found?)

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The Forensic Exam conclusively states that the accident could not have occurred as Aaron described.

The Gallatin Police Department still refuse to open an investigation. 

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