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In Memoriam


Grant's Story

Grant Solomon was an extraordinary young man. Despite the extreme difficulties at home, Grant was a vibrant, upbeat, and talented boy - a loyal friend and sibling who impacted many. He adored his mother and sister and considered himself their protector. Grant had a beautiful girlfriend, Hannah, and they loved one another deeply. A talented baseball pitcher, he was being recruited by Division 1 schools.


Hundreds gathered for his memorial and it was his peers who relentlessly pointed out the painfully obvious inconsistencies in his death.

According to his sister and his friends, Grant never had a good relationship with his father, who he said would abuse him regularly - mostly psychologically, but would also physically lash out at times. Despite his well-documented fear of his father, for years, he tried to get help. Just as Gracie was dismissed, Grant was often dismissed as 'just a kid'. Grant had hopes of testifying against in court once he turned 18. Once he was legally considered an adult, Grant hoped that his testimony would finally be heard. 

On July 20th, 2020, only 5 weeks after his 18th birthday, Grant Solomon died after supposedly being run over by his own vehicle. The only witness to this alleged accident was his father, Aaron. 

The incident was extremely suspicious, yet the entire "investigation" consisted of taking Aaron's statement. The Gallatin Police treated the tragic event like a parking lot incident - even though the truck and Grant were on government property - and closed the case. The case has not been re-opened.

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